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Coastal Projections Perfect Red Sequin Shoe with Organza Bow

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Red sequin shoes with a organza bow with a rhinestone center.  Sequins are an opaque red color.  These shoes look like glass slippers and are not too sparkly.  Comes inside a red mesh bag with satin ribbon trim and a drawstring.  Infant and toddler sizes have the elastic strap; size 10 and above do not have the strap.

Coastal Projections sizing is a little bit all over the map so we are providing the actual measurements of the bottom of the sole for each size below. You'll want to add about 1/2" to your child's foot measurement (when she is standing) to get the size that you want.  (Please note that only some sizes are priced for clearance.)

Coastal Projections Size Chart

baby sz 2 = 5"

baby sz 3 = 5 3/8"

infant/toddler sz 6=6"

infant/toddler sz 8=6 5/8"

infant/toddler sz 9=7"

infant/toddler sz 10=7 3/16"

infant/toddler sz 11=7 3/8"

infant/toddler sz 12=7 5/8"

infant/toddler sz 13=8"

child sz 2=8 1/2"

child sz 3=8 3/4"

child sz 4=8 7/8"

child sz 5=9"

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