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How to Measure For Shoes


Generally children's shoes are available in Baby 0-24 months, Toddler 4-9, Little Kid 10-13 and Youth 1-4.  


For most shoes we list a size chart.  You may want to measure your child's feet before ordering since sizes can vary depending on the designer.

How to Measure Feet at Home

Stand on a piece of paper and mark the back of the heel and the longest toe while holding the pencil or pen straight, at a 90 degree angle.

Sometimes one foot is slightly larger than the other, so measure both feet and select the larger measurement to add the allowance to for your total measurement.

For Livie and Luca and Joyfolie

Add an allowance of .5 cm for immediate wear and compare this total measurement with the measurements that are in the product description of the shoe to choose your size.

For Coastal Projections

In the product description for Coastal Projections there is a size chart that is based on foot measurements.  Find the measurement closest to your child's measurements to choose a size.