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How to Measure for a Bra

Take the guesswork out of measuring for her bra by following these simple steps.  You will need a tape measure and a pencil and paper to write down the measurements.

1) Find her chest size by measuring right underneath the breasts.  Be sure not to let the tape measure dig in or hang loosely.  Add 5 inches to the measurement to get her chest size.

2) Find her cup size by measuring around the fullest part of the breasts.  If she already has a bra she can wear it for this measurement as long as it's not a sports bra or a padded bra.

3) Subtract #2 from #1.  If the difference is less than 1" then choose cup AA.  See below for the other sizes:

Less than 1" = AA

1" = A

2" = B

3" = C