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Petite Amelia Reversible Pleated or Floral Dress with Lace and Tie Top

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Gorgeous and innovative, this sleeveless dress is a vintage peach colored, pleated dress with cluny lace accents, bow, and peekaboo lace hem on one side.  Turn it inside out and it becomes a gathered floral voile dress with a lace hem.  Side zipper.  Wear this with a t-shirt for the winter as a peach jumper and with a tank top as a lovely floral summer dress.  Please note that the shirt worn underneath in the picture is not included.  Mama Bunny is absolutely smitten by this versatile dress.  

(Please note that the actual color of the dress is more like the 2nd picture where it is worn without a top.)

35% polyester/65% viscose on one side and 100% cotton on the other side.  Turn dress with the floral side inside, machine wash cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry low.  Mama Bunny would probably line dry this dress.



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