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How to Dress a Baby Girl

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I still remember how mystified my husband looked as he picked up the many pieces of clothing I had laid out on the floor for the baby.  "What's this?"  he asked picking up a pair of bloomers.  The first time I asked him to dress our baby girl he put the turtleneck over her dress, the bloomers on her head and the ruffled bottom tights the wrong way around.   I have to admit, I laughed and told my friends.  So then I got into the habit of putting each piece of clothing on the floor, lining them up in the order he was supposed to put them on the baby.  I was determined that he should learn how to dress her so that it could free me up to take a shower or brush my teeth alone.

That worked much better.  Since then, I've talked to other moms with baby girls who are just as mystified by all the clothing choices as my poor husband.  They wanted to be able to pull a look together easily but didn't know where to start.  Plus, to add to the quandary, there are so many special occasion pieces for girls without sleeves in the Winter.  How to keep the baby warm yet fashionable was the question I kept hearing.


For everyday wear, I just love a one-piece footie or footless number.  When the baby is handheld or crawling, I don't like to put sweaters on her because they ride up constantly.  My choice was to put a onesie that snapped at the crotch under the one-piece footie for warmth.  When we were outside, she would wear a one-piece outer layer or just be wrapped in blankets.  Hats are essential in cold weather, but even easier, was just using the hood on the jacket or snuggly.


For special occasions, every mom wants to hear "your little girl is soooo cute!" and never the dreaded, "what a cute boy you have!"  The only way to prevent the gender mixup is dress your little girl in a dress!  So many dresses are sleeveless and leg-baring so what to do?  Let me go through what I would put on my little girl and line up the pieces on the floor for you:

  1. Diaper!
  2. Tights or diaper cover or leg warmers or leggings.  Black, cream, white, red, and pink are the best choices and will go with anything.  No diaper cover if you are using a onesie, tights or leggings.  If it's especially cold, pair tights with leggings over them for extra warmth.
  3. T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck or onesie.  Onesies are best because they won't ride up in the back.  I would use white, cream, red, or pink.  These little shirts lets your baby wear a dress all year long no matter what the weather.
  4. A beautiful dress!
  5. Socks if her feet are bare.  The best socks are plain and not too long so they don't clash with the rest of her outfit.
  6. Shoes or booties.
  7. Sweater.

Whew!  Sounds like a lot doesn't it?  With practice you'll be mixing and matching and dressing your baby with ease.  I actually loved pulling her outfits together.  It was as if one of my dolls had come to life.  She would watch me with wide eyes and eventually learned to pull her arms into the armholes herself and lift up her feet for me to put her tights on.  Now that she's two, she's a little less cooperative but we still have fun picking something "pretty" to wear.

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